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I was a construction superintendent for 20 years, supervising new residential and condominium building projects. I have been extensively trained and educated to inspect buildings of all ages, from 200 year old houses to new construction.

Not all inspectors are the same

An experienced home inspector will recognize defects in a home and provide specific details and analysis. Different home inspectors have varying experience, and spend different amounts of time preparing reports. The most important consideration in selecting a home inspector is, how much time is the inspector willing to spend to write the report?

As an experienced home inspector dedicated to giving you the most for your money, I will spend as much time as is necessary on your report to make sure that it is comprehensive and useful. I do not provide a checklist “rating” system report at the end of the inspection, because I believe that it is simply not possible to do a thorough home inspection and report in 2 or 3 hours.

As a result, for about one tenth of one percent of the homes value, you are provided with useful, detailed information that can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

New Salem Meetinghouse
This home inspection and report took 14 hours to complete.

What is ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)?

Members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) are independent professional home inspectors who have met the most rigorous technical and experience requirements in effect today. To become a certified member of the ASHI, a home inspector must pass the required written technical exams, and verify that his or her reports follow A.S.H.I.’s strict Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Membership must be maintained through continuing home education or educational meetings and seminars.

I exceed ASHI and Massachusetts State Standards of Practice by including recommendations on how to correct problems found during home inspections. I have no real estate broker affiliations, other than the fact that I have inspected houses for brokers that they were buying for themselves.

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