Home Inspection

$ 500
  • For most homes, depending on size and age

Condo Inspection

$ 300

Radon Testing Kits

$ 50


In each of my home inspection reports, I provide a 40 – 50 page narrative report, with photos and selected supplements providing additional information on issues specific to the property. This report includes observations of the positive and negative aspects of the property, an analysis of possible causes of defects, recommendations of corrective measures, and maintenance suggestions for the future care and protection of the home.

I start on the outside of the house, looking at the foundation, roof, chimney, siding, windows/doors, grading, and porch/deck. Next I enter the basement to inspect the heating, mechanical, electric, and structural systems. In the interior of the building I examine the windows, doors and cabinets, along with the electrical, plumbing, and heat distribution systems. I finally inspect attic, insulation, ventilation and roof framing. I invite you to accompany me the whole time to ask questions or express concerns. The report will be clearer if you have been through the inspection first-hand.

I work on the home inspection report for the remainder of the day, and complete it the following morning. The report is prepared exclusively for you, and specifically addresses the problems discussed.

The home inspection report with photos is e-mailed to you around noon of the day following the inspection. You are encouraged to make a follow-up call with any additional questions or comments.

Home inspections catch dangerous changes made to old electrical panels.

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