"I would like to thank you once again for the inspection on my potential new home. I wish everyone involved in the purchase was a good as you. I think that you did excellent work and wanted to just let you know. I'd be happy sending referrals over for you anytime, the quality of work that you have done for me was excellent & appreciated."
"You did a great job for us. I found you to be thorough with a lot of attention to detail. I was in agreement with your evaluation and your conclusions. At this time, I have found nothing in our new house that you did not detect nor prepare us for. I thank you for your help and the follow up on the work you did. I would be more than happy to recommend you and your service to others."
"I thought your report was very well put together and, having written construction articles for a newspaper briefly, I could tell a lot of work went into preparing it. I will heartily recommend you! Your years of experience are definitely evident (and appreciated) in your approach to this inspection. Thanks again for all your help."
"Your inspection was thorough and helpful. I have used your recommendations on the gutter and grading of the land to help with drainage. I would recommend you to anyone buying a home. Thank you."
"WOW! That is a very extensive report. Thank you very much. I will absolutely refer to you to other buyers. Thanks again."
"You were very helpful to us in understanding many of the details of the home. Also, thanks for turning around the inspection report so quickly. We will gladly refer you to friends and family in the future."
Jill and Don
"I spoke with an electrician about some of the issues you brought up in the report. Nothing seemed too serious or difficult to correct. I also showed him the report that you did on the other house before we withdrew our offer and he said it was probably the most thorough inspection report he's seen. Thanks for your help to keep us from making a big mistake with the other house and for feeling comfortable with the new one."
"I am a Boston based business, tax and real estate attorney. You have conducted inspections for 2 clients of mine. Your inspection reports are among the best I have seen. Please e-mail me your complete business address including phone numbers so I may have this for future referrals to you."
"We were very happy with your careful evaluation. It made us aware of a few flaws - some have already been addressed by the owners and others we will just have to keep in mind, but it was all worthwhile information. We should be able to have a unit and building in much better condition due to your assistance."
"I would like to thank you for the inspection. Although it took a while to resolve the issues we finally signed the P&S a couple of days ago. What turned out to be hugely important for us was your list of questions that we should ask of the seller. So the upshot is that with your questions we learned of a potentially serious health hazard that we might have remained ignorant of and we were able to have it addressed by the seller rather than having it left entirely on our hands. If you ever need an endorsement, I'll be happy to provide it."
"I would like to thank you for providing such a thorough and priceless service. After receipt of the detailed report, I was very impressed with the thorough job you conducted. It took my husband and I several hours together to review and digest it all. The final wonderful outcome was that based on the report we were able to bargain a reduction in the price of the home. This is important as it leaves us critical financial room to make the necessary repairs/adjustments that are deemed urgent. Needless to say, I'm delighted and certainly thank you for the tools you provided us, the buyer. The best part is now that we know we will be living there, we have an excellent idea of what needs repair for safety etc."

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